Because French Bulldogs can be a little stubborn we have designed a training program where we can train your pup for you! One thing we have learned through decades of dog ownership is that a reasonably well trained dog is a lot more fun to have around than one which is not disciplined.

  1. Beginner Puppy Pack
    (8-10 weeks $350) Learning his/her name Coming when called Beginning potty training Basic manners Bite inhibition Basic cues (sit, stay, no, leave-it, drop-it) Socialization with people & other dogs
  2. intermediate Puppy Pack
    (10-12 weeks, $450) Everything in beginner puppy pack as well as: Clicker use (or verbal cue “yes”) More advanced cues (wait, go to bed, gentle) Crate training “no barking” Waiting to eat on command Loose-leash walking
  3. Advanced Puppy Pack
    (12 weeks to 6 months $550) Everything in beginner/intermediate puppy pack as well as: Problem solving Trick command (Roll-over, shake, bow) Commands with distractions Greeting manners Advanced potty training

References are available! This service can be added to any puppy!
Contact us with any questions.